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Adventure to Mauritius
The nature of Mauritius is distinguished by its unearthly beauty. You can see rainbows often appear in the sky after the rain. Flora and fauna of the island are amazingly diverse.

And we can't wait to show it to you!
Dates on request
Sailing along the coast of Mauritius
Degree of complexity
All levels
8 days
We have grandiose plans
for this adventure:
Snorkeling with whales
Try local street food
Walk around one of the best botanical gardens in the world
Find your favourite reef and make friends with octopus
Swim with turtles
Walk abound massive tropical forest
Explore tropical forests, Seven Coloured Earth and waterfalls
Mauritius is the best place for snorkeling and whale watching
We will definitely see cachalots (about 50 individuals live here), and there is a high chance of meeting humpback whales, pilot whales (these are black dolphins) and spinner dolphins jumping out of the water. And most importantly, in Mauritius you can not only watch whales, but also swim with them almost side by side and even film it.
Unique Flora and Fauna:
🏝️ Le Morne
Le Morne Brabant is a mountain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Le Morne Peninsula of Mauritius. The mountain was once used to shelter the escaped enslaved people during the 18th and 19th centuries, and thus, this is the symbol of the slaves' fight for freedom. The shores of Le Morne are home to the famous underwater falls of Mauritius. The waterfall is a result of underwater currents, and sand and silt deposits moving along with the flow of water creating the illusion of the fall.
🏝️ Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark
Red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow... Surreal, lunar rainbow dunes stretch out in front of you and overwhelm you. Hidden in the heart of lush vegetation, this unique geological wonder is one of nature's most impressive creations. The “Seven Coloured Earth” of Chamarel is a geological curiosity. This phenomenon can also be observed, on a smaller scale, if one takes a handful of sands of different colours and mixes them together, they'll eventually separate into a layered spectrum.
🌊 Waterfalls
83-meters Chamarel Waterfall: Chamarel Waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Mauritius dropping more than 200 feet located near Seven Colored Earth. Surrounded by the vegetation of Black River Gorges, it is simply spectacular.
🏝️ Endless Beaches
Turtle bay, Mon Choisy, Grand Baie, Flic en Flac, Le Morne all of these beaches will amaze us by turquoise waters, golden sands and astonishing views. And we will have plenty of time to recharge our batteries in these beautiful surroundings.
When the temperature starts to get obscenely high in Dubai, it's time to go on a trip to cool down and recharge
The island of Mauritius will help us with this very well. We will walk along the western coast, protected from the ocean waves, and arrange stops at secluded islands. And, of course, we'll explore a bunch of interesting places that are inaccessible to hikers.
The final route depends on the weather. It is always worth remembering that the weather at sea is unpredictable: calm and clear skies can give way to a storm in a few hours. The captain's primary responsibility is to monitor the weather and assess risks. Therefore, we ask you to be understanding: if the risk is high, the captain has the right to change the route or not go to sea at all until the weather improves.
Arrival around 9 аm,
departure 4 pm and later
Transfer information
Transfer from airport
at 9:30, to airport at 13:30
Departure/Arrival time
1 pm/9 аm
Travel itinerary
Day 1. Arrival and start
of our journey
Our transfer will pick you up at the airport at 9:30 and we will head to La Balise Marina. At 1 pm we load on the boat and we are going straight to La Preneuse Reef for snorkeling. We will sail around the reef from the ocean side and we will swim in an incredibly beautiful place. Then we'll anchor at the Tamarin beach with a bunch of bars and spend the night there.
Day 2. National Park tracking
After breakfast on the catamaran we are going to National Park Black River for hiking through a lush tropical forest followed by swimming in the river. After hiking we will come back on board and sail to Turtle bay for the night on anchor.
Day 3. Port Louis and local food
After breakfast we will move to the harbour of Port Louise - capital of Mauritius - for food tour. After the tour you will have a chance to walk around the capital. Later we will sail to MontChoisy for a night on anchor.
Day 4. Coin de Mire Island coral reef
We will devote a day to snorkeling and hiking in Mont Choisy and near the uninhabited island of Coin de Mire. Let's try to find octopuses and cuttlefish, seahorses, moray eels, pufferfish, butterfly fish, parrot fish and clown fish in the open ocean. We'll watch the sunset and spend the night anchoring next to the main island.
Day 5. Botanical garden and sailing
In the morning after breakfast we are going to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden - the oldest botanical garden in the southern hemisphere. Then we will sail all the way down to Tamarin Bay to stay at night. We need a good night's sleep due to an early start tomorrow morning.
Day 6. Whale-watching
Early in the morning we will have a ride on the motor boat for whale-watching and snorkeling. We will swim with cachalots and, if we are lucky enough, we will swim with humpback whales and spinner dolphins. Later we'll sail to Le Morne Beach for some activities and relaxing. It's important to recharge our batteries and get ready for the last intensive day.
Day 7. Exploring magical nature
Today we’re going to have an amazing adventure in the south of Mauritius. First of all we will go to Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark. There we will walk around a geological miracle - seven coloured earth and observe 83 meters Chamarel Waterfall. In the evening we will come back to the boat and sail to the inhabited Benitiers Island. There we will have a final dinner, bonfire and watch the bright Milky Way. 
Day 8. It’s time to come back and relax
We'll have breakfast and return to the marina where we have started our voyage. By 9:00 in the morning we will have to leave the boat, and then we will head to SPA for a session of relaxing massage and a chance to say goodbye to the marvelous island of Mauritius. At 13:30 we will transfer to the Airport.
Learn more
Learn more
We will sail on a comfortable catamaran
Nautitech 46 Fly
It has four spacious double cabins, four bathrooms and a wardroom with everything you need - a kitchen and a refrigerator.
The entire program costs
15800 AED per person
8 days
Dates on request
Send a request
Send a request
Included in price:
  • Two SUP boards and snorkeling equipment
  • Transter from/to airport
  • Whale-watching session, video and photos from it
  • Sailing tips from our captain
  • Three meals a day from
    the chef-guide
  • Whale boat trip, whale watching session and guide
  • Parking lots, diesel, water refills, gasoline, motor boat
  • Food tour in Port Louis with
    local guide
  • Dinner on a desert island
  • The work of a professional captain
Not included:
  • Plane tickets
  • Restaurant trips (if you decide to explore more new places)
  • Personal expenses
If you have any questions about the adventure, send us an inquiry and we'll get back to you within 24 hours
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Sounds great. Is it okay if I have no sailing experience at all?
Certainly. We always welcome beginners, we want to attract new people to sailing and we will teach you everything if you want.
Do you get seasick on a boat?
According to statistics, 90% of people are susceptible to motion sickness. But we sail in not challenging conditions and will not go out to the sea during a storm. Most people tolerate mild motion sickness normally, and taking anti-motion sickness pills, but only with the advice of a personal physician. Moreover, on the second or third day the body adapts, pumps itself up and pills are no longer needed at all.
Will they let me steer the catamaran?
Yes, and we will welcome this in every possible way. You will have a professional skipper with you who will teach you the basics of yachting, and you will be able to take an active part in controlling the boat: setting and trimming the sails, steering and helping during moorings.
What if I want to relax and do nothing?
You can rely on our captain and join the teamwork only at the most necessary moments, for example during mooring and setting the sail. And relax and enjoy the views the rest of the time.
Can I travel with kids?
Our travel is aimed at adults, but is also suitable for teenagers of 15 years old and over
Where will I sleep? On the boat or in hotels?
We live on a catamaran. The catamaran has comfortable double cabins with a shared bed. Each cabin also has a small wardrobe for storing clothes.
What will we eat?
On this journey there is a chef who knows how to surprise and how to present local products. You will not need to cook yourself, and we will try to take into account the allergies and possible preferences of the team, having previously clarified them.


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