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Sailing Experience
Sailing Race
Sailing Experience
All people are divided by groups, usually 4-6 people in each group. We organise a small briefing explaining the basics of yachting and showing why the boat will never turn upside down. Each group goes to their own boat, accompanied by our instructor. The yacht goes out from the port (about 15 min.) to raise its sails, then the training takes place about 90 minutes and afterwards the boat needs 15 min. to go back to the marina
The instructor suggests each person to try all possible activities on the yacht, which require coherent work and a high degree of involvement of all participants in the process. For example, it doesn't matter how good you set the sails if helmsman steered the yacht against the wind. No one, though, should worry if something goes wrong as our instructors will explain all the details and support in all cases.
Number of persons
2-6 persons
per boat
Price per hour
1 150 АED
Weekends: 1 490 АED
+1 motor boat: 450 АED
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Sailing Race
Besides coherent work and a high degree of involvement of all participants in the process, the crew needs to pay attention to all the details trying to make everything as good as possible hoping for possible mistakes on the opponents boats. According to our experience, people that don't communicate and may feel shy in the morning before the race, always come back cheerful and active sharing their emotions and feelings after the time on the water
Number of persons
2-6 persons
per boat
Price per hour
1 390 AED
Weekends: 1 790 AED
+1 motor boat: 450 АED
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Venue for lectures & masterclasses
  1. Our main space on the first floor
    (reception), max 40-45 persons.
    All conditions TBD as we're closing
    the whole base for your event;
  2. Second floor (max. 20-25 persons) — 400 AED / hour in case of having anysailing activity before or after the rent
  3. Also, we have some partnersin 2 min. walk for 50-60 pax. Around 70 AED per person + 500 AED fix. for the booking
Branding opportunities
All conditions TBD, min. sum 5,000 АED. This implies, for example:
  • Branding our base with your sticker sand flags for photo shooting and awarding ceremony;
  • Or Branding our boats with your logo sand symbols also for photo shooting;
  • Or Hosting an event with your own sailing gloves, caps & medals w/ logo son them
  1. Light Breakfast: min. 38 AED /person, incl. Turkey Cheese Croissantor Halloumi Wrap (vegan) + coffee/water/lemonade;
  2. Lunch: min. 125 AED / person,incl. 1 big burger (usually it s enough to be well fed) + french fries + sharing plates with meat and vegetables + lemonade/water
Our clients
Kaily M
It was an exciting adventure! If you have already visited all the city entertainments, go to the sea - this is something unforgettable, I want to repeat it!
Natalia G
Perfect oppurtunity to enjoy sailing experience in Dubai. I loved it!!
Ognjen B
Amazing sailing experience
Viacheslav Alekseev
Love this place, atmosphere and people who work there! See you next time)
Anastasiia Elina
If you are looking for new experiences - you are here. Absolutely safe, but this is not like a boring trip on tourist yachts. This is a real adventure!
One of the best water experience so far, it’s thrilling, enjoyable, relaxing and mixed emotions,participant has her own role to sail isn’t it amazing plus...
Sergei Glibenko
It awesome experience to feel yourself as a captain of a sailing yacht 🔥 they're so friendly and easy to be with 👌🏽 be sure to...
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What else you get
Team Bonding
A shared experience that requires collaboration and communication strengthens team cohesion. In sailing, the contribution of each team member matters, which emphasizes the importance of interdependence and unity
Leadership Development
The unique environment allows individuals to take on leadership roles outside of their usual work context, fostering the development of leadership skills. Leaders on each boat are required to take responsibility, fostering accountability and ownership.
Goal Orientation
Common desire of victory promotes alignment and focus on common goals. Transferring this experience to the workplace, employees can use goal-setting strategies to achieve professional targets.
Trust Building
Sailing together promotes confidence in the abilities of team members, leading to greater trust and reliability in the workplace. Spending time together in a unique environment strengthens personal relationships and leads to stronger team cohesion.
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14:00 - 14:30
All-hands deck + Small buffet
14:30 - 15:00
Briefing + Instructions
15:00 - 17:30
17:30 - 18:00
Debriefing & Award Ceremony
18:00 - 19:00
Catering & Party at Wind Rises
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Coastal Race
Wind Rises → Mercato Beach → Wind Rises
5 h
from 28k AED
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Fareast 28R
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Wind Rises Dubai
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Can a sailing boat rollover?
Nope, it’s almost impossible to roll over on a keelboat
I’ve never sailed before. Are your trainings suitable for me?
The answer is yes! Our mission is to popularize sailing to the masses, so we’re happy to see newbies joining us! You can also visit one of our regular yachting-theory master classes to prepare better in advance. Or get to the regular trainings straight ahead — our experienced instructor will enroll you in the process smoothly.


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